My heart's desire is to draw closer to my Lord and Savior.  The devotions I write are primarily a result of my soul searching as I read the Word and meditate on it's meaning for my life.  I invite you along on my journey, and just perhaps you will find some encouragement for your journey.

Encouragement -
Apples of Gold

Eternity -
Autumn Celebration
Discouragement -
Elijah Days
Life's Disappointments 

God's Great Love -
The Gift

God's Perspective -
Whose Eyes Am I Looking Through  
He's a Mountain Mover

Heaven -

Hope -
Because He Lives

Humility -
Just Two Simple Words
Before the Father 

Love -
Valentine's Day Checklist 
To Love Their Husbands

Our adoption as children of God - 
My Delight

Perseverance -
I'm Gonna Win 

Sharing Jesus -
Lesson from a Leaf 

Speech -

Time with God -

Trials -
From the Rising of the Sun
Man's Plans

Wisdom -
Help, I Need Instructions!

Lessons on the Heart
The Heart
A Trusting Heart
A Servant's Heart (study guide)
A Servant's Heart
A Forgiving Heart (study guide)
A Forgiving Heart (part 1)
A Protected Heart (study guide) 
A Protected Heart
An Undivided Heart (study guide) 
An Undivided Heart

Ephesians Bible Study
Heads Up
Home Sweet Home 
Prayer to the Father
Word Power

James Bible Study
Pure Joy
Immeasurably More
Me, Myself, and I

I John Bible Study
Complete Joy
A Shining Light
Cleaning Up
My Defender
Walk the Talk
For the Love of God 
The Great Protector 
His Forever Child 
Looking Like the Father
Whose Child is That?
Natural is not Always Better 
Fear Not 

Titus 2 Women
To Love Their Husbands
To Pray