Sunday, October 14, 2012


It seems like yesterday when our home was filled with these unending questions from Ryan and all the siblings that followed. 

"Daddy, you wanna play with me?"

"Play train?"

"Daddy, wanna play ball?"

"Play school on 'puter', daddy?"

Every day before work, over lunch, and after supper Les was bombarded with questions like this.  Ryan would look up at his daddy pleadingly with those big brown eyes, and Les just couldn't resist at least spending a few minutes playing with his boy.  I loved watching Les and Ryan together.  It was just the way a father and son should be--spending every moment possible together.  

Watching Les as a father over the years has reminded me of my Heavenly Father.  He desires to spend as much time as possible with me.  

Seeing how eager Ryan or any of our children were to spend time with their daddy, reminds me I should be just as eager to spend time with my Father.

I remember one night Ryan patted the empty space on the bed beside him and said, "I want my daddy right here."  I first thought of all the little children who desperately need their daddies but don't have them.  But then I thought of myself.  I have my Heavenly Father right beside me every day, yet many times I forget to even talk to him.

I wonder if God above must feel a little like Les does these days.  As the years have gone by naturally spending time with dad has become a little less important.  It seems roles have been reversed.  Now it's dad asking the questions.

"Anyone want to go play tennis?"

"How about a game of disc golf?"

"Someone want to play ping pong or pool?"

Sometimes the children are too busy.  Sometimes they have other things they want to do.  Sometimes they simply don't want to.  It's ok.  It's part of growing up and becoming independent.   However, I'm never independent from my Heavenly Father.  I need him every hour.  

Does God perhaps ask questions of his own?

"Where were you today?  I wanted to talk to you."

"How come you mumble off rote prayers without even thinking about what you are saying to me?  It makes me feel like I don't matter."

"How come you haven't picked up the Word?  I have truths to teach you that will help you in life."  

Daddy was a priority for the children in the younger years.  He was their V.I.P.

  Do I treat God like a V.I.P.?  Do I treat him like my Creator, the Almighty, my Redeemer, my Rescuer, my Friend?  He's so much more. Yet in my heart of hearts I realize I often don't even treat him as well as a V.I.P.

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