Monday, March 12, 2012

He's a Mountain Mover

"God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble."  Psalm 46:1
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My husband and I spent eight years in the Joplin area.  We attended Ozark Christian College and then my husband held a ministry in Webb City, a city adjacent to Joplin.  The devastating tornado last May was emotionally moving for us.  We still had friends in the area, so at first we wondered if they were all ok.  Then the scope of the devastation began to sink in.  Such a long road to recovery ahead for this city which was home and still tugs at our heart strings.

Our church sent a work crew to Joplin shortly after the tornado.  I wanted to go but was unable due to the number of younger children at home that needed me.  So, I offered to help by baking cinnamon rolls for some of the volunteers.   I started baking the day before our crew was to leave.  By 1:00 p.m. things were progressing nicely.  I had 10 dozen rolls made by 3:30 and had just popped the first two pans in the oven when the electricity went out.  I waited five minutes, and it still hadn't come back on.  These rolls had to be baked soon or they would collapse.  I called LaVada, a lady from our church, whose house is on the hospital line and often has electricity when others do not.  She had electricity!  So I put the six pans that needed baked first in the trunk of my car and headed to her house.  I had to pull two of the pans out of the oven.  The dough was light and wobbly.  I just knew the rolls were going to collapse, but I had to try to save them.

On the short drive over to her house a Southern Gospel song played in our CD player.  The words caught my attention, "He's a mountain mover, He's a sea walker, He's a lily in the desert, He's the rose in the wilderness..."  Instantly I prayed, "Lord, this isn't a mountain I'm needing moved.  I just need you to hold the cinnamon rolls up so they are not wasted.  These are needed for breakfast in Joplin tomorrow.  So, please take care of them."  I left the six pans with LaVada and hurried back home to finish up another batch of dough I had ready.

My electricity came on about 45 minutes later, and I was able to finish the baking here at home.  My wonderful rescuer brought the rest of the rolls back to my house a little later.  And, guess what?  God took care of those rolls.  In fact, they were some of the most beautiful rolls I had ever made.   

God specializes in the impossible.  Those rolls should have fallen.  The day was warm and humid causing them to rise rapidly.  The road was bumpy.  I've never taken bread out of the oven and been able to put it back in and have it turn out.  Even more meaningful is that God took time to care about something so small as 120 cinnamon rolls.

"Be still, and know that I am God.  I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth."  Psalm 46:10

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  1. I agree---that was such a wonderful blessing from our Lord (our "mountain mover"!!) Personally I know how wonderful those were!!!! thanks for posting. Love ya

  2. It's so amazing that the God who breathed the stars cares about our every little thing! Thank you seems like not enough.... :)

  3. He is Awesome. I am so glad all things worked together for good.
    Keep up the God work.

  4. Conviction. I must admit that in my flesh I might be disappointed that I was missing out on the "bigger" ministry of serving with the crew in Joplin. Yet, God didn't discount the value of baking those cinnamon rolls. In fact He showed how much He valued them by answering your prayer. Sometimes I forget that he doesn't rank service in any order of importance like we do. What a wonderful reminder for a mom who sometimes forgets how significant my roles of laundry, dishes, and cinnamon roll baking are in the eyes of God! Thanks for the encouragement today.