About Me

I grew up in a Christian home. The Bible was read faithfully to me from the time I was a baby. I gave my life to the Lord and was baptized when I was just nine years old. Many times people share how their lives changed dramatically after Christ came into their lives. I look at that point in my life, and things didn't change too much. I was a pretty innocent child. I remember thinking that I would obey my parents better and that I wouldn't ever fight with my brother and sister again.

However, there were some more dramatic turning points later in my life. One such time was in high school. I was incredibly lonely. I longed for a boyfriend, thinking that he would solve all my problems. I remember crying weekly, longing for something I did not have. Through God's Word I came to the realization that God was sufficient for me. Christ was my everything and my source of happiness. I didn't need a boyfriend to have happiness. I decided to go to Ozark Christian College and pursue God's plan for my life.

My classes in college were so exciting and enthralling to me. The Bible came alive and personal. My parent's faith became my own personal faith. At this time God also granted me the desire of my heart, and gave me my husband.

A wife and mother was all I truly ever wanted to be. When our first two children came along I couldn't imagine life being any better. Then I went through a difficult pregnancy with our third child, and I experienced deep depression. I expected my husband to fix things. He couldn't. I was mad at him if he was in the same room with me, but I was mad at him if he wasn't in the room with me. He couldn't do anything right, although I know he tried. I would sleep and not want to wake up. It truly frightened me. Once again, I realized I was depending on my husband and my circumstances to make me happy and not on God. With God's help, I once again placed myself back into his care, trusting him to get me through. He was faithful, and once the pregnancy was over I was able to resume normal living.

Over my nearly twenty years of being a minister's wife, I've often struggled with my personal relationship with God. I've berated myself for being a poor example when it came to daily Bible study. I've begged God to make me hungry for his Word. I've asked him to create in me a longing for His presence daily in my life.

As I've been reflecting over my life and the difference God has made, I realize he has answered those prayers. It took the adoption of three of our children, for God to show me how desperately I needed Him. I could do nothing without Him. I can truly say I long for times in His Word.  However, I'm still a work in progress.

I was reading in Isaiah today and ran across this verse in chapter 1:25: "...I will thoroughly purge away your dross and remove all your impurities." This reference refers to the Israelites and the hardships God allowed for the purpose of bringing them back to him. Even today God allows this refining process in His people.

There wasn't a dramatic change in my life at the time I became a Christian. It's been a journey. On this journey through the trials of life God has been refining me and removing the impurities so that I may become what he desires. Tonight I'm filled with gratefulness for His work and His love in my life. He has changed my life.

God can change your life too.  I would count it a privilege to share my Savior with you.   Feel free to contact me at tashales2@gmail.com.