Thursday, April 26, 2012

Parenting by the Book Pt. 3

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Having the right words to say and setting a good example will go a long ways in parenting, but children will still need something more. My children sure don’t behave just because I talk to them. They need reinforcement for the truths coming from my lips and the truth being lived out in my life.

I have a football lover in my home. I have told him over and over not to wear his good clothes and shoes to play football. I have always set a good example by wearing play clothes for play and work clothes for work. Still he heedlessly persists in coming in with grass stains on brand new jeans, holes ripped in his good shirts, and good shoes with the soles torn off. He is in need of learning from discipline. Paying for some new clothing may be needed to reinforce my words and example.

Finish out the article on Parenting by the Book Pt. 3 at Raising Arrows.  This article discusses the dreaded "D" word...Discipline.

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