Monday, April 16, 2012

Money Saving Monday

Money Saving Tips for the Week

1.  Shop the clearance rack.  I always look at the clearance racks when the seasons are changing to see what bargains I can pick up.  However, I've found that one must watch out for two dangers when shopping clearance.  One is that just because it's on clearance doesn't mean it's a good deal.  The second is if you don't need it, then you didn't really save any money.  With that said, I'd like to share the bargains I picked up last fall.

7 pairs of boys shorts sizes 14-18
 These shorts will fit at least three of our five boys, and here is the best part.  I only paid $1 apiece for them.

Enough summer clothing to outfit Amber for the summer.
I found a rack of girl's clearance again just priced at $1.  I picked up summer outfits for this year and only paid $10 total.

This shopping trip was in October last year.  I also found swim trunks for all the boys for this summer and again I only paid $1 apiece for them.

Yes, there is some guess work involved in shopping a year in advance, but the few things I've ended up with that didn't fit I've always been able to find someone who can use them.  The large savings far outweighs this little bit of loss.  And truly it's not even a loss when I can bless someone else with my bargain. 

2.  Wear hand-me-down clothing.  I save clothing that the children outgrow that a younger sibling might be able to grow into.  I have them stored in a large dresser and in boxes that I label.  Each fall and spring I go through the clothes and pull out what can be worn.  I do not save everything.  I go ahead and get rid of clothing that is worn and stained.  I used to have a hard time doing this because I would think it could be used for every day play clothes.  But I've found the children will not choose to wear those things, and then they just sit in their drawers.  I guess they like to break in their own play clothes.

Hand-me-down storage


  1. I save clothes to hand down as well. I always go through it before putting it away and give away anything that is too stained, too worn to keep or that my husband or I didn't like. Everything else I put into labeled boxes to pull out next year or in a couple years. They also make great blessings when we know someone getting foster kids and we have the size they need for the child who is just joining their family. They bless us back as the child outgrows clothes and God provides for our needs.

    1. So true, Suanna. I've often passed clothes I've saved on to someone who needed them more then me. Then it just seems God pours back in abundance. God provides for our every need and then blesses with more then we need.

  2. Finally, someone else who agrees to shop the clearance racks before rummages/thrift stores. One really can get the best buys shopping out of season! Thanks for the great tips.
    Keep up the God work.

    1. I often find things cheaper on the clearance rack then at the thrift store. And the kids love to have brand new clothes. Who doesn't? I do shop the thrift store and some garage sales also, but I don't spend much time doing it.