Monday, April 2, 2012

Money Saving Monday

Money Saving Tips for the Week

1.  Make your own bathroom cleaner.  We live in an old home with an old porcelain tub and sink.  The best cleaner is the old fashioned Comet or some other generic cleanser.  It's less then a dollar a bottle.  However, we added on a bathroom about three years ago, and the cheap cleanser can't be used on these newer surfaces.  It will mess them up.  I hate paying $3 or $4 a bottle for the cleaner that is required.  Recently I've begun using baking soda and vinegar.  When I compare the cost of vinegar and baking soda to the expensive bathroom cleaners, I find I pay about the same for the two ingredients but that it lasts at least twice as long.  Check out this link for tips on using baking soda and vinegar as a cleaner:  How to Use Vinegar and Baking Soda to Clean.  By the way, it works great, it is safe for our newer surfaces, and it is environmentally friendly as well!

2.  Walk instead of drive.  We live in a small town.  There is really nothing that is out of walking distance.  I've been trying to allow myself a little more time and walk when I can.  I need the exercise, and gas this week went up to $3.89 a gallon.  Walking saves money on gas, and my family ends up healthier which eventually saves money on doctor bills.

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