Friday, April 6, 2012


Last week I asked Amber to help me scrub some potatoes for supper.  She jumped right to the task, and before I knew it those potatoes became a part of the family.

Let me introduce to you Amber's children:  Diane, Sarah, Anna, Juliet, Bob, Alex, Peter, John, and Tom.

Her children needed a bath because they had been playing outside in the dirt.  Notice that the potatoes are all standing in the water.  That was so they would not drown.

Once they were bathed, she discovered that they all needed to have their appendix's removed.  So she performed laproscopic surgery (meaning she poked them all with a fork).  Then because they had dry skin she rubbed them all down with lotion (shortening). 

Then they were all tucked in bed and put in a nice warm place to sleep (the oven).

For supper we enjoyed the company of Diane, Sarah, Anna, Juliet, Bob, Alex, Peter, and John.  As we took our potatoes, Amber informed us who we had.  I asked her how she knew the difference between them.  She looked at me and said, "Mom, a mother just knows these things." 

Amber's play provided a lot of amusement for the evening, but I did have to agree with Kaytlin.  There was something just a little disconcerting about eating Amber's children.

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  1. Oh, this brought a smile to my face. Not all my kids have played this way, but a couple have, and I always enjoyed their vivid imaginations.