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Rest.  We all need it.

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 Somehow busyness has come to be equated with success.   Running ourselves ragged going from one activity to another makes us feel like we've accomplished something great.  In conversation we compare our "to do" lists.  We burn the midnight oil and rise early to try to squeeze just a few more things into our days.  And we never really stop and think about what we are truly accomplishing.

God designed us and knew we would need rest.   He set the example when he created the world.  He rested on the seventh day.  Throughout the Old Testament God's people were commanded to follow his example and rest on the seventh day.

We are now under the New Covenant, and there is not the command to "remember the Sabbath Day" in the same way as under the Old Covenant.   However, the basic need of the human body to have rest has not changed.  Jesus knew we would need rest.  That's why he said, "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."  (Mt. 11:28) 

In contemplating the New Year, I want to create more time for both physical and spiritual "rest".   My body  needs more rest.  I'm not able to fully give to my family all I should when I'm running around exhausted.  They need a mom who's present in mind and body.   I also don't want my schedule to be so busy that there is not time to sit at Jesus feet and rest.

My husband and I have talked about this and here is our plan for mom to get more rest:

Daily -
6:00-6:30  Mom's prayer time (I do this while I shower and the house is still quiet.  No one's up yet.  I don't think God minds multi-tasking.)
1:30-2:30  Mom's Bible study time and power nap.  The kids all have "reading time" or "seatwork" during this time.
9:30  Mom's bedtime.  Dad and mom pray together.  (My husband is a night owl.  I've tried for years to stay up later with him, but it just hasn't worked.) 

Weekly -
Sunday afternoons Dad has the kids.  Mom gets to write, take a walk, and nap.  Yea! 

Not exactly a typical New Year's resolution, but it's what we needed in our home.  What kind of changes are you making in your home this year?

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  1. So, I probably shouldn't be commenting here at 10:40 at night, huh? ;) I'm a night owl as well, but I'm working on a post right now addressing WHY I stay up late and why my reasons aren't always good reasons. That's great your husband gives you Sunday afternoons!

  2. :0) We're all so different. My husband only needs 6 or 7 hours of sleep. I need at least 8 hours. I've gone through several phases in my thinking about bedtime over our 20 years of marriage. First, I thought he should come to bed earlier. Then realizing he just didn't need as much sleep, I tried to stay up with him. All this because I wanted us to go to bed together every single night. Our new way of handling it is working great so far. I feel loved when he tucks me in and prays with me, and he doesn't feel pressured to lay in bed wide awake. And it has taken us 20 years to figure this out. :0) Guess I'm a slow learner.

  3. Great idea! I havent ever heard of a resolution of rest but so needed! :)