Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy Birthday

Dear Michael,

Today is your 11th birthday.  I remember when we first met you at just age five.  You had a twinkle in your eyes and a light sprinkling of freckles across your nose.  You ducked your head down, peeked up at me, and then gave me a shy half smile.  On the ride home, you were quiet, playing contentedly with a toy car.   Your brother, Troy, talked and talked, and your sister, Amber, cried and fussed.   But you just quietly took it all in.

We soon learned that our little boy was resourceful and curious (and not so quiet).  Even though you were small, you accomplished whatever you set your mind to.  You took many things apart just to see how they worked.  If they didn't come apart easily, you still found a way.  Of course, we never could put them back together again.

And boy were you determined.  That served you well when it came to riding a bike, skating, or playing ball.  However, it wasn't the best when you were determined you were going to do what you wanted.  Your dad always tells me, "Michael is just like you.  He's stubborn and so are you.  That's why God put you together."

You know, daddy's right.  I am stubborn and determined.  My love for you is something I've determined will always be.  I love you with my whole heart and that just isn't going to change.

January 2010
You have given me the greatest gift anyone can give another.  You have given me your love.  I treasure the times you say, "Guess what, mom?  I love you!"  And the time you wrote "I love you!" on the kitchen window.  And the times you write me notes that simply say, "I love you!"  Sweet boy, I love you, too.  I don't tell you that enough.

So for my birthday boy today, I pray you will always know our love.  I pray it is a special day for our special boy who is heaven's gift to us.  And most of all I pray you will know God's great love for you.


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