Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Walking On

Walking down the road
Searching for the right words 
Trying to listen with my heart

My hurting son beside me
Shuffling his feet
Kicking at stray rocks
Lagging behind
Head tucked down

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"What is wrong"
"Why all the anger"
"Please talk to me"

I'm begging
Praying for answers

Bit by bit
They come
But he's hesitant and fearful

He wonders
"What it might be like"
"Why I feel this way"

He worries
He will hurt us
We may not understand
We might be angry

I tilt his face up
to look into my eyes
I tell him
"It's ok."

It is natural to wonder about living with his birth family
It is wonderful that he loves them
God made it that way
They are part of who he is

We are not hurt
We understand
We are not angry

His pace picks up
His arm soon wraps around my waist
I put my arm around his shoulders
And we walk 

We walk on toward greater understanding
greater love
and greater healing

Praising God
For answered prayer.

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