Monday, May 7, 2012

Money Saving Monday

Money Saving Tips for the Week:

A reader commented that many times "it is the little things" when it comes to saving money.  That is true.  I don't have one huge thing to tell you that will save lots of money.  However, when the little things are combined, they do add up to be a significant amount.   This week I'm going to share some "little things."   Re-use and Re-cycle is my motto.

1.  Re-use birthday candles.  I've been known to buy only one box of birthday candles in a year.  We always save them from birthday to birthday using them for three or four birthdays before trashing them.   A few times we've had to rush the birthday song because the candles were getting so short.  Fun memories!  The kids will probably grow up telling stories about the year the candles on their cake were only one inch tall and the cake about went up in flames.

My container of used birthday candles.

2.  Use plastic shopping bags to line trash cans.   When the carry-out at the grocery store asks if I want paper or plastic, I say "plastic."  I depend on those little bags to line about nine wastebaskets throughout our house.  At one point I wanted my home to look like Martha Stewart's, so I bought these scented colored trash can liners.  But those cost about $3.00 a roll.  I hate spending money on something I'm going to throw away.  Also, since all my shopping bags get used up lining my trashcans, I don't have to remember to take them back to Wal-Mart to stuff in the re-cycle bin.

My fancy trash can liner.
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  1. These are great tips. I do or have done both of them. I have some of those little plastic thingys that fit on the bottom of the birthday candles and they keep me from having to stick them down into the cake, therefore more candle to burn. I just wash them and stick them with the candles for the next time.

    1. I'll have to look into those things to put on the bottom of the candles. Those would be great. Hadn't thought about them making the candles be usable longer.