Monday, May 28, 2012

Money Saving Monday

This weeks money saving tips:

1.  Plant trees that are useful for food.  We have a peach tree and an apricot tree.  I'd really like to have a couple apple trees.  We just haven't figured out if we really have a good place to plant them.  Our peach tree looks like it's dying, so perhaps we'll replace it with an apple tree.  The kids love eating the fruit they pick off the trees.  Fruit is expensive, and so I'm always happy when the fruit on our trees is ripe.  Last week we enjoyed eating apricots.  The fruit we couldn't eat before it spoiled was made into apricot jam.  Yum!

Cory getting ready to enjoy an apricot he picked.

2.  Re-use plastic food storage bags when possible.   I rinse out plastic bags almost daily and dry them to use again.  Those ziploc bags add up in expense.  If I've just stored bread or fresh vegy's in a bag, it is an easy wash job.  I don't generally re-use bags that I've stored meat in.  They are harder to get clean, and I guess I'm somewhat paranoid about food-borne illnesses.  I try to store meat in my containers that can be washed super good.  (Note:  I have a friend with a handy dandy little clothes line strung across her wall behind the sink for clipping the bags on to dry.  That probably would be less frustrating then my method of trying to prop them up so they stay open to dry.) 

Plastic bags drying in the dish drainer.
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  1. I always enjoy your Money Saving Monday posts. Thanks for sharing all the information that you do. It all adds up!

  2. Love the fruit trees--wish we could grow some here! Maybe one day when we live in the country and in a warmer climate ;) Featured your post at Thrifty Thursday this week--thanks for linking up!