Wednesday, March 21, 2012

For My Sister

Letting in the Son.
It's my love and it's my duty
To show others what He's done.

I'm a window to a world
Much larger than their own.
If only they will look through,
Oh, then they'll understand.

I need to be a window, not only to strangers and friends, but also to my sister. She looks up to me and wants to do what I do. This gives me an opportunity to shine Jesus' light. When Amber looks at me, I want her to see Jesus. I want her to look up to Him and want to be like Him.

This is a prayer that I wrote when Amber was baptized.


Today I would like to pray about my dear sister, Amber. Out of all the gifts that I have received, she is one of the most precious. She is full of joy and laughter. Amber is compassionate and loving. She is an answer to a prayer I used to pray every night before bed. Then, I was like her, not knowing about the great, big world with all of its mysteries and confusions which often devour mankind. Even now I only see a glimpse of it. Today, Amber has given her life to you, O Lord. She has decided to become separate from this world. I pray that she will continue to stay separated from this world and its worldly desires as she continues to grow in her faith.
 Lord, let her shine like a star, so that others may find their way. Also, let her shine like the moon and reflect your glory. O Lord, if she slips and falls into the darkness help her to trust that you will pick her up and be her guiding light on the narrow path. Help her to remember that I love her, and that you love her so much more. You love her with an unfailing love, the love that loves even if she makes mistakes. Also, Lord, help her to remember that you are a just God. You do not let the ungodly go unpunished.
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 Most of all, Lord, help Amber to love you, her Heavenly Father, with all of her heart. I pray that she will serve you with all of her strength, never lacking in zeal. Show her that she does not need to be afraid what man can do to her, because you are always with her. Help her to be who you want her to be. I know that you can do marvelous things through her. Finally, I pray that I will be the example for her that you want me to be. Your will be done, O Lord.

In Jesus Name, Amen

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