Monday, December 12, 2011

Making Christmas Treats

Each year we have a family project of making gifts to give away to our friends.  I like to choose budget friendly gift ideas that involve the children giving of their time to make them. This year we made and decorated sugar cookies, and we made snowman gift jars. 

Everyone took their turn rolling out dough and cutting cookie shapes.


Our oldest daughter, Kayt, was babysitting for the evening so we had extra help.  Only problem was that Jace discovered that the dough tasted good.
Briggs shows off some of the decorated cookies while enjoying the head off one of them.  We enjoyed these precious boys for the evening.

Finished off the evening with over 200 cookies made.  Whew!  But it was fun.  To deliver with our plates of cookies we made gift jars with hot chocolate mix and snowman marshmallows.

The kids used edible markers to draw faces on the marshmallows.  Some of the faces were pretty interesting.

I'm not much of a photographer, but perhaps these pictures will give you an idea of what the jars looked like.

Saturday we spent a couple hours driving around and the kids delivered their homemade treats.  We played music and laughed and talked.  One time our two thirteen year olds took the treats to the door.  They came back to the car and one was laughing and carrying on.  We asked him what was so funny.  We found out that they each had to get a hug from the sweet lady at the door.  The other son wasn't quite as amused, and said in reply, "At least I didn't have to hug you!" to his brother.

Another funny incident was when one of the boys had to use the restroom while we were out.  We told him to ask to use the restroom and the next house we stopped out.  Well, they weren't home.  My husband told him to go around behind the house and go since he couldn't wait and we were out in the country.  The kids in the van then tried to get their dad to pull forward and lay on the horn while he was back there.  My husband didn't do it because it wasn't the child who took jokes well, but the other children were in fits of hysterical laughter before we left there.

Awww, the laughter and memories.  Praying your families are enjoying the holiday season as well.  Look for the sugar cookie recipe on my blog tomorrow.

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