Sunday, August 12, 2012


My favorite day of the week

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Gathered Christians

What a privilege
Growing up in the congregation
 where my husband ministers
I have watched
babies become children
children become teenagers
teenagers become adults

New families begin
Children are now parents
Parents become grandparents
Grandparents graduate to great-grandparents

I listen to that curly headed boy I once babysat teach the adults
I'm lead in worship by the adorable toddler who once stuck his tongue out at me during church
I fellowship and serve with the same girls that I giggled away the night hours with as a teen

Now I teach the children of children I babysat and grew up with
I get to love on their babies and tell them how wonderful their parents are
I'm privileged to pray with them as the faith is handed down from one generation to the next

Strength for the week to come
All found while gathered with God's family

to love people
to serve God 
to worship my Creator
to learn His Word

I often find
a tear or two 
clouding my eyes
as God works 
and moves
on this
my favorite day of the week

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