Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Calming the heart

Ok, so I was doing good.  Then last night I talked to Ryan on Skype.   I cried and cried afterwards.  What a basket case!  He was fine and all.  I just fell apart.

I'm doing good again today.  But I have to say this has been one of the most difficult things for me to do as a parent.  This letting go thing is hard.  As one friend said, "It felt like one of my legs had been chopped off when I left my son at college."  Somehow our children become extensions of us. 

There is a saying that says, "When one chooses to become a mother, she chooses to have her heart walk around outside her body."  So true.  And my heart is away from me.

I will cry from time to time.  That's a fact.   I have to remind myself that when he was born, the Lord entrusted me with a precious boy to raise for His glory and honor.  He never truly was mine.  He belongs to God.  God will take care of him.     

So tonight as I reflect on my emotions that at times come crashing in around me like the waves on the seashore, I thank the Lord that he calms the storm.  He restores peace to my heart and gives strength to face a new day.

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