Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One of those days...

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It's one of those days...

Don't know what to do,
Can't say the right thing,
Manage to make matters worse,
Kind of day.

Sitting here,
Trying to relax,
Taking a deep breath,
Letting the quiet calm my spirit.

Looking up,
Seeking help,
Praying for guidance,
Longing for answers.

Raising children is hard,
(written at 2 p.m.)

God redeems the day...

He prompts me to listen,
Helps me to understand,
Gives me the words,
Guides my actions.

Heart to heart talks,
Prayers together.

My spirit feels at peace;
Calm is restored.
I'm resting tonight;
Thankful God can take the bad and use it for good.

At the close of one of those days.
(written at 8 p.m.)

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