Friday, June 24, 2011

Manners for Mealtimes

Sometimes it can be downright embarrassing to have company over.  I have looked across the table to see one of my children shoveling the food in with his fingers.  On another occasion I caught grandma discreetly trying to wipe some food off her shirt that her grandchild had splattered on her.  Or there was the time one of the boys spit food on the company while talking with his mouth full.

I tried to teach the children table manners but I was met with groans and complaints when correcting them.  Finally I invested in a little game entitled Manners for Mealtimes.  It comes with two sets of cards.  There are 10 cards in each set.  The cards have manners listed on them, and they are laminated in order to protect them while in use at the dinner table.  The first set of cards has basic manners on them like "No rude noises."  The second set of cards adds more manners to the first set like "Always thank your hostess for the meal."

 Each family member has a card during meal time to remind him of the rules.  The game begins when someone breaks one of the rules.  We had many a laugh when one person would blurt out with their mouth full when they caught someone else breaking a rule.  Then two people had to pay up.  Just be careful, mom and dad!  You may find your manners aren't so good either.  At least my husband and I were caught several times. 

Manners for Mealtimes is a simple game and you will wonder why you didn't think of it yourself.  I found it to be worth $6.95 because it made learning manners fun.  It would be simple to make your own game.  However, in the interest of not taking away from someone's business, I am just sharing the link where the product is available.   Click on this Queens Homeschool Supplies link.  It will take you to their categories page.  Scroll down the left side and click on the link for Manners Education.  This is where you will find the game.

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