Monday, June 13, 2011

Grandma Bob

One day at Ladies Bible Study I was recounting some of the specific prayers God had answered in relation to our journey through foster care to adoption.  When I finished one lady tearfully said, "Do you know what that makes me think?  That makes me think that there is a grandma out there praying for those children!"  That comment stuck in my head perhaps because I thought, "We aren't aware of any grandparents.  The grandparents were all eliminated as possible homes for the children."

Fall blew by and soon it was time for the holidays.  One day in the mail a Christmas card arrived.  I didn't recognize the sender on the return address.  Curiously I opened it.  A picture of an elderly lady and a $20 bill dropped out.  I quickly read the card.  The writer introduced herself as the children's great grandma.  She wished us a Merry Christmas and said the money was to by a ham or turkey for our Christmas dinner.  She continued on and said,
"I will be thinking about All of you and remembering you in my prayers.  God is so good...May God richly bless your hearts and lives during our Jesus' birthday season!  I think of you often, Grandma Bob."
Jotted at the top of the card was a phone number.  I shared the card with the family and then set it aside wondering.

Christmas card from Grandma Bob

Throughout the next couple weeks I would see the card lying on the dishwasher, and I would think about calling the phone number written inside.  Finally I called TFI Family Services and asked them about the situation.  They were not able to tell me anything about this grandma.

 One morning, unable to stand the suspense any longer I called the number.  Grandma Bob was thrilled to hear from me.  We chatted for about fifteen minutes finding out more about each other, then I allowed her to speak to each one of the children.  When I got back on the phone she was near tears.  She told me how grateful she was that we had the children.  She told me that we were an answer to her prayers.  She said every night she prayed that God would place her babies in a home where they could learn about Jesus.  God had heard her prayers. We ended up talking for over an hour.

When I hung up the phone I wept.  There had been a grandma out there praying for her grandchildren.  It was a great-grandma who was near 80 years old.  It was a grandma with a strong faith in God who prayed He would redeem a situation for His good will.  It was a grandma who loved her great grandbabies.


  1. I really love that testimony!!! So neat to hear it again and again. Encouraging to Grandma's also. thanks for posting.

  2. Oh, I love this story so much! Thanks for sharing it -- God is good, and He is faithful.

    In other news, we have been cooking from your Week 4 menu and have enjoyed the recipes. :-)

  3. Wow. I just popped over from Linny's blog and wow. Just wow. That is God!!

  4. Wow! Amazing and how wonderful that she had the courage to send the card and share with you and that you had the courage to call. Praise God.
    Keep up the God work.

  5. Crying. This story spills over of God's goodness! I believe my grandmother who is in Heaven at this very moment prayed for me and my salvation.

    What a special love this great-grandmother had for her great-grand children. What a love from above :) Thank you Jesus for this story! Prayers are powerful indeed- with You, Lord nothing is impossible. NOTHING.

  6. Thank you Jesus for that praying Grandma, and answered prayers.

  7. Wow! What an amazing way God revealed that to you! We have 3 foster/adopted kiddos and this made me wonder if they have a praying Grandma out there! Hugs to you! Thank you for sharing! visiting from APCS

  8. Oh my gracious! What a beautiful story - again confirming the POWER of prayer!! Faithful God. It's the motive behind our ministry: Elijah's Hope {}...adopting an orphan in prayer and changing FOREVER that orphan's life! Thank you sooo much for sharing! Do it again!