Saturday, May 4, 2013

Will You Pray?

I look at the pictures.
Maybe I shouldn't.
My heart strings are pulled
Sweet faces,
Longing eyes,
Unknown futures.

Everyone needs
a place called home,
unconditional love,
safety and security,
warm arms around them,
God's grace.

Face after face
haunt me.
Statistics dance before me.
104,200 children in foster care
Needing adopted.
Needing a home.

Will they see God?
Know God?
Feel God through another's touch?
Or will they reject him
because no one cared?
No one was His hands and feet?

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 Looking is like shopping.
We can't resist forever.
God's tug is greater still.
We must follow.
He works in us
And through us.

This time...
We are not naive.
We are not blind.
We know the joys.
We know the pain.
We know the struggles.

Yet we move on...
Prodded by our children
Whose tender hearts
Begged us to once again
Open our hearts,
Open our home.

Your prayers are coveted.
Our own strength is not sufficient.
We need wisdom.
We need an overflowing of love
not our own.
We need covered in his protection.

My husband and I had always thought we would possibly do foster care again once more of our children left home.  However, our children have persistently asked about doing it now.  Kaytlin specifically wants to be a part of the process.  She doesn't want us to wait another year because then she will be leaving home for college.

We have decided to go ahead and renew our foster care license.  This is not a rash or quick decision.  It has been a year in process.  Even now we are carefully weighing each detail and praying about it.  We fully understand that we are taking a step of faith.  It is probably not logical by the world's standards.  We invite you to join us in praying as we seek to know God's will.  We would even ask that if it is not what is best for our family that you would ask God to stop the licensing process. 

Even more then praying for our family, though, I ask you to pray for the 104,200 children currently in foster care in our nation who need adoptive homes.  Pray God will work in the lives of Christians to open their hearts and homes.  Pray that through all the hurts in their lives, they can find healing in Christ.  He alone is the answer!

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  1. Charlotte MooreMay 5, 2013 at 5:21 PM

    May GOD Bless you all in this time of decision. I so admire all you have done for these children.