Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Latest Craze at Our House

If your family wants to get started memorizing Scripture, there is a great tool available on the internet.  It is called Scripture Typer.  Three of my children invited me to join them in a group, and I've memorized 4 verses in the last two weeks.  That is good for me, but my children are memorizing whole chapters.  I am amazed at how quickly they are memorizing with the use of this tool.  And they are excited about it!  

The way Scripture Typer works is first you Type It.  The program calculates your words per minute.  The second step is Memorize it.  The program gives you the verse with every other word left out.  Again you practice the verse by typing it and filling in the blanks.  Once you are able to type the verse at 80% of your original words per minute and without using any hints, then the program allows you to go on to the last step which is Master It.  Now you get to type the entire verse from memory.

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To keep the verses fresh in your memory the program prompts you to review them each week.  The more verses you memorize, the more time you spend reviewing.  However, it is great because it helps you commit the verses into long term memory.

Another great aspect to this program is that it helps your children practice their typing skills.  I love it when there is opportunity to educate, but use the Bible in the process.  This program will help them work on their speed and accuracy.

Last of all, if your children are competitive, Scripture Typer provides motivation for them by allowing them to move up in the ranks among others on Scripture Typer.  One of my boys enjoys this aspect of the program.

Scripture Typer is absolutely free, so go try it out.  You can't beat a bargain like that. 

Find Scripture Typer by clicking on this link:
Scripture Typer

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