Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Memorial on Memorial Day

A moment froze in time.
A gift from God.
A memory on Memorial Day.

Traveling home from visiting family,
Basking in the special moments,
Thanking God for blessings.

Games played.
Laughter enjoyed.
Hugs given.

My life is rich.
My heart is bursting.
My cup is full and spilling over.

To the south
A cemetery
Bathed in rays of sun.

A family there
Remembering a loved one--
The grave bright with flowers.

Their loved one gone.
Mine are here.
I feel a twinge of guilt.

I pray they had many sweet memories
Of happy times
With their beloved.

To the north
A bank of storm clouds
captures my eye.

Tall towers of white cloud
Illuminated on top
Dark underneath.

Photo from


From the backseat--a voice
"Look at that bank of clouds!"
A spontaneous burst of praise explodes from his lips.

"Behold, He comes..."

And my heart sings

Thank you for this moment
A remembrance of you
The Giver of all that is good.

Thank you for the gift
of your coming into this world
to give us hope.

Thank you for this memory
when I'm reminded
that you are coming again.

A God-built memorial on Memorial Day.

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