Saturday, January 26, 2013

Primavera Pizza

If you are in the mood for pizza but want to try something that's just a little different, this is the recipe for you.  This is a favorite at our house.  The good part--it is packed with healthful vegetables.
2 cans refrigerated pizza crusts or make your own dough
cooking spray
2 T grated parmesan
½ t garlic salt
4 T ranch dressing
12 oz cooked, cubed chicken breast meat
2/3 c red bell pepper, chopped
2/3 c red onion, chopped
1 c torn baby spinach
2 c Italian blend cheese
2 t pizza seasoning

Place pizza dough on pizza pans. Lightly spray dough with cooking spray. Spread/divide parmesan and garlic salt over each crust. Bake 10 minutes at 400. Spread ranch dressing on each crust. Spread each crust with chicken, bell pepper, onion, spinach, cheese, and pizza seasoning.
It is a beautiful pizza!
With yummy cheese on top.
 Bake 8 more minutes. Serves 6.


  1. Looks delicious and makes me hungry! :-) Isn't "primavera" the Spanish word for "spring"?

    Enjoyed your guest post the other day!


    1. Just looked it up--it means--"Made with lightly sautéed spring vegetables"

      And so glad you enjoyed the guest post. :)