Thursday, January 10, 2013

Make Your Own Glass Cleaner

I grew up cleaning windows with two simple ingredients.  For a short time after leaving home I succumbed to advertising and started buying the ready made glass cleaners.  I admit I kinda like the smell of them.  However, I quickly learned that my mom's easy to make cleaner was much more economical.   

Mom's Glass Cleaner
1 part vinegar 
1 part water

I buy a spray bottle at the store and just keep it filled and ready to use.  

 Here is the cost breakdown:

1 gallon of vinegar costs about $3.00.

It takes about 2 c. vinegar each time I fill my spray bottle.  

1 bottle of homemade glass cleaner = about $0.40

1 bottle Windex = about $3.50

I save a little over $3.00.

I think I'll pass on the nice smelling window cleaner and enjoy a dark chocolate bar instead.  :)

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