Monday, October 1, 2012


The leaves are falling from the trees.
Reminds me of the seasons of life.
Time goes on.  Life changes.

Husband went to bid a final farewell today.
Beloved minister, mentor, and friend passed on.
Time stopped.  Our lives forever changed.

Changed because he took the time to love,
Changed because he listened,
Changed because he taught by example.

Calvin and Betty are on the right-hand side.  Pictured here with just a few of the college kids they mentored over the years.

He celebrated our wedding with us.
He was at my husband's ordination.
He held our firstborn son.

I will always remember one sermon he preached.
It was on the Lord's second coming.
He was excited and animated as he described Jesus coming back in the clouds.

Our son, then two, sat enthralled.
However, at some point we had told him Jesus was in his heart.
He suddenly looked in his shirt and said, "Uh-oh, Jesus all gone."

No, Jesus wasn't gone. 
Jesus was there, but one day he would see him face to face.
Just as our Calvin is seeing him now.

Earthly life ended.
Time is no more.
Eternity forever.

And we can rejoice.

Looking forward to seeing that smile again someday.  (Dressed up for an old-fashioned Sunday.)

Giving thanks for the blessing of Calvin in our lives.

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