Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Good Samaritan

Guess I'm feeling a little nostalgic today.  Thinking back there are many memories from when the children were little that I want to never forget.  I've written many of them down over the years, so I thought I might share a few with you over the next couple weeks.  The years slip by and our little ones grow up.  Those baby to preschool years are busy, but they are filled with delightful antics that brighten our days.  Here is a classic story from Ryan, our oldest.  He is now in college, but this is his interpretation of The Good Samaritan at the tender age of four.

As we were walking one summer day, Ryan and I passed by a very flat squirrel lying in the road.

Having a tender heart Ryan asked, "Is someone going to help that squirrel?"

I explained to him that the squirrel was beyond help and we passed on by.

On our way back home we once again passed the squirrel.  Ryan said, "Mommy, nobody has helped that squirrel."

"That's because he's dead, Ryan," I replied.

Later that day we decided to walk to the library and our path once more passed that little heap on the road.

Once again Ryan expressed his concern for that squashed mass of fur.  By this time I'm somewhat irritated by his questioning.

"Ryan, there isn't anything we can do for that squirrel.  Maybe someone will come by and pick him up and bury him."

On our way home from the library we passed by the squirrel a fourth time.  Dreading the inevitable questions I tried to hurry Ryan on by.

Ryan commented, "Mommy, no one has picked up that squirrel yet."

"No, they haven't.  Maybe they will later."

Ryan was thoughtful for a while and then said, "Mommy?"

"Yes, dear."

"Are we like the bad guys in the Good Samaritan who just kept walking by that poor hurt man?"

(I told Les when we got home, and he took Ryan and they buried that precious little squirrel.)

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  1. That reminds me of my son, so tender hearted and caring about even the smallest of creatures.