Monday, October 17, 2011

Sister of Mine

One of my favorite pictures of us--cooking Thanksgiving dinner.

Visiting in the old home we grew up in together,
We have something special.
Each room holds memories.
Morning devotions in the living room.
Afternoons in the top of the garage playing house.
Evenings eating around the dining room table.
Nights in the bedroom giggling with friends.

Watching our children play together
Brings back the memories.
Now they giggle and laugh,
Have afternoon tea parties,
And enjoy sleep-overs.
The years gone by flash through my mind.
Remembering when it was us,
And grateful for the past.

But also treasuring what we have now.
So thankful you came to visit
Enjoyed walking.
Loved talking,
Laughing over stories about our children,
Sitting in church together,
And sharing meals with mom and dad.

The most precious part of your visit
Was the time we spent praying together.
The heart revealed.
The tears we shared.
Love binds us together in life.
Faith binds us together for eternity.
You are precious to me
Dear sister of mine.

And I don't tell you enough --
I love you!

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