Saturday, September 10, 2011

Learning to let Go

Sitting here in the early hours of the morning, I'm praying for my eldest son, Ryan.  He's off to take the ACT test today.  I find myself wanting to go with him.  I think, "He might not see a car coming at him.  He wouldn't be so stressed about finding the place.  He would do better on the test because he would relax if I went along for company."

A mother's mind thinks of all the things that could happen.  A mother wants to protect.  However, reality tells me he's in God's hands.  God knows and cares for him more than I do.  God knows his time and his number of days.  I do not control those things.  God will give him strength to handle these new experiences in life, and he will be better for it.  So with a prayer I send him off, knowing more and more this will happen in coming days.  Knowing that next year at this time, he'll be in college.  It is time.
From This
Father Above,
We thank you for the blessing of Ryan's life.  He brings us joy and love, and those are good gifts which we know are from above.  We do not deserve all the blessing you have poured into our lives, but in your grace and mercy you continue to bless.  Thank you for your abundance!

To This
Watch over our son as he's away today.  You know the plans you have for him.  You know his days.  As always, he is in your hands.  I know you will care for him.  Please grant him alertness as he drives, help him to find his way without problem, and relieve his stress so he can do his best on the test.

God, you know Ryan's heart.  You know his desire for further education but to also have financial means to pay for it.  If this test would open doors of opportunity that you want for him, then help his mind to think clearly and recall the things he has learned.  Most of all help him to draw his strength from you.  Make this a stepping stone for his personal spiritual growth.

Thank you for hearing this mother's prayer.  Thank you for strengthening my heart.  You indeed are an awesome God and Creator that you would care for the concerns of this simple mom who is just one in trillions of people and is smaller then a microscopic speck in the universe.  Thank you!


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