Monday, August 1, 2011

God's Timing

When we went into foster care so we could adopt, we didn't want to be part of the system for a long period of time.  We had several reasons for this.  Mainly we didn't want to keep up all the paperwork, keep up on class hours to maintain a license, and have our home open for constant scrutiny by the state.  As a result when we prayed we asked God to bring us our children and let us adopt them within a year so we would not have to renew our license.

Most of the members of our class began getting their licenses to foster the end of January and in February.  For some reason we did not get our until the second week of March 2006.  It was frustrating at the time.  We did not understand why our license was being held up.  Then for the first two months the only calls we got for placements were for teenagers which we had decided not to take in due to the ages of our current children. 

It was the end of May 2006 when we received the phone call and brought Troy, Michael, and Amber home.  However, their parental rights had not yet been severed.  We had no idea how long a process it would be.  We learned there is no rushing the system.  We found out that most adoptions through the foster care system took two to three years.  It felt discouraging.

However, we found God had all things under his control.  The parental rights were severed the middle of July.  We signed the adoption placement agreement in August.  The adoption was finalized the last week of February 2007.  Our license to foster expired just two weeks later.  We were in the system for one year and out.  God answered our prayer. 

God is amazing.  His timing is perfect.  If we had things happen our way we would've had our license sooner, but God held it up knowing the perfect time.  It was in His time.


  1. I found your blog via At The Well & just read your entire adoption story. It moved me to tears &, although it has been a bumpy ride, I am so awed & amazed to see how the Lord has worked through it all!

    May God bless you & your family!