Saturday, November 2, 2013


One night as Little Girl was getting undressed for her bath she spotted the bathroom scales.  She got on them and then excitedly said, "Momma, come see how much I cost."

At breakfast one of our boys wasn't feeling the best.  I was asking him about his symptoms.  Finally, I said, "Maybe you have a little bug or something."  Little Girl pipes up and says, "Or maybe a cricket."

Baby Boy is always relieved when I lay him in his bed for his nap.  Often he immediately snuggles with his blanket and closes his eyes.  One afternoon he did this, and as he relaxed he suddenly tooted quite loudly.  His eyes popped open and he said, "Uh-Oh!"

My husband is finding Bible class in the morning more challenging these days.  It is hard to keep everyone's attention when Baby Boy is being entertaining.  My husband turned to him sitting there one morning and said, "You are being a distraction."  Baby Boy immediately covered his face with both hands and would just peek out between his fingers for the rest of Bible Class.  It left the kids doubled over in hysterics.

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  1. How cute!!!! I can see how everyone was in hysterics too.