Saturday, July 4, 2009

Opening the Door

My husband, Les, and I had often talked about doing foster care, but we had never felt like the time was right. Considering the age of our children and now this little girl out there somewhere that needed us, we decided to at least check into adopting through the foster care system. God has always been good to us and provided for our every need. However, we did not have financial means to pursue adopting through an adoption agency of any sort.

We had many questions that needed answers. How would this affect our biological children? Was it a wise decision to open our home to the state so we could get licensed? Would we be able to love another child as our own? Would our extended family be supportive? The list of questions went on and on.

After praying about it, we decided to take the training class for foster parents. Perhaps this would answer our questions. We earnestly prayed that if it wasn't God's will, he would make that plain to us.

We began MAPP classes so we could become licensed foster parents in October. The classes lasted for ten weeks and each class was three hours long. If at anytime during the class, we felt like this would not work for our family, we planned to discontinue. However, if our questions were answered to our satisfaction, then we felt like perhaps we would be opening the door for God to bring our little girl home.

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