Sunday, March 27, 2016

My Chains Are Gone

Amber's favorite Bible story always has been Paul and Silas.  She loved to hear her daddy read the story because he did it with all the dramatic effects.  They would sing and pray while in prison, and the whole bed would shake during the earthquake.  Then Amber would want him to read the story again.  

As I reflect back on Amber's life I realize how much she has lived this story.  She had been chained by fear for years...imprisoned in a cell with no bars.  When she was just three years old, I would wake up at night to hear her singing "Jesus Loves Me" in a quavering voice.  She would feel alone, sad, and trapped.  She sang to the one who loved her.  She had many a sleepless night, but she talked to God.  As an older child when her heart was troubled she spent hours outside on her scooter listening to Christian music and singing to God.  Singing and Praying while in prison.

We experienced an earthquake last year, but it freed her from the prison.  I see a young girl emerging with a strong faith in the one who sustained her.  I see a confidence that comes only from God. 

I just went to a student led conference at the middle school with Amber last week.  She articulated her thoughts well.  She confidently presented me with work she had completed and a report card with straight A's.  Amber has come so far from the little girl who needed speech therapy because we could not understand her.  Meeting her now, no one would ever know learning to read was difficult for her and spelling was near impossible.  I walked away from the conference giving thanks to God for how far she has come and wondering where he is taking her.

God has freed her.  She now can sing, "My chains are gone.  I've been set free."  

Feeling thankful for resurrection power!



  1. How sweet for a young girl to talk to GOD and sing songs of HIM. PRECIOUS!!

    Charlotte Moore

  2. So happy for God's earthquakes.