Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Flower of Motherhood

Working in my kitchen
Hearing children's voices at play
Feet thumping up back steps
Door thrown open
Four year old palm grasping treasure
Plunks it upon the counter

A crushed dandelion
the first this spring
gazes up at me
Excited words spoken hurriedly
"Hey, mom, I picked this dandelion just for you."
Then back out the door he dashes

Only an hour later I look upon the bloom
Now withered with petals curling inward
And it hits me
Time is fleeting
Little boy today
Grown tomorrow and gone

Many a dandelion bouquet
Handed to me over the years
A pure expression of a child's love
Laid down to wither
Not fully appreciated
Put aside thinking there will always be more

Wanting to cherish these moments
For tomorrow is flying by
Let me hold this flower of motherhood
And soak up the love it contains
For the days of dandelions in grubby hands
Are fading as the sun begins to set


  1. Oh how quickly the time does pass by.

    Charlotte Moore

  2. Thank you for capturing fleeting moments in words. I love dandelions and my children love to bring them to me, so I thank them and put them in a vase and display them on my counter.