Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Happy Birthday, Kaytlin!

Dear Kaytlin,

Nineteen years ago I awoke in the early morning on a day somewhat like today.  It was a bitter cold outside.  I was uncomfortable and couldn't sleep.

I remember your dad got up with me and distracted me from contractions that were 7-8 minutes apart.  We played solitaire on our new computer.  After awhile I grew restless and so I made sure my bag was ready for the hospital and did some things around the house.

I was pretty sure I was in labor, but I wasn't in pain.  I finally called the hospital when the contractions were about five minutes apart.  They advised me to do some walking for 30 minutes and then if the contractions were closer after that to come on in.  So I went next door to the church and walked around the auditorium.  My contractions did get closer together, but it sure didn't feel anything like my first labor.

I decided to rest on the couch and play with your brother, Ryan, for a bit.  At about noon I suddenly felt edgy and grumpy.  I told your daddy I thought we'd better take Ryan over to our friends and head to the hospital.  Now you know your dad.  Well, he decided now was the time to grab himself a sandwich and find quarters for the machines at the hospital.  And you know me.  I was a bit upset.  He had known all morning to be ready to go!

We arrived at the hospital a little before 1:00 p.m.  I remember the nurse that was checking me in wasn't sure I would be staying.  She said as she was filling out the paper work, "We'll just monitor you for awhile and see what you are doing?"  As I lay there answering her questions and laughing and talking my water broke.  The nurse calmly said, "Well, I guess you will be staying."  She finished the paperwork and then decided to check and see where I was at.

Her next words started a rush of activity.  "Oh my, you are at an 8 and nearly complete.  We have to get you into a labor and delivery room."  Your dad had gone to phone grandma and let her know we were at the hospital.  He had to find me when he came back.

There was no time for an epidural.  You made short work of labor and arrived at 2:45 p.m.  What a doll you were. I thought you were perfect in every way.  Pretty dark hair framed your sweet round face.  Your daddy thought your nose was funny because it was flattened to your face, but it shaped up nicely in a few hours.

One of the things I remember most about your birth day was your daddy holding you and stroking your little face and hands.  He adored you.  He still does.  There isn't anything he wouldn't do for you.  How blessed you are to know a father's love.

However, you are even more blessed to know the Heavenly Father's love.  I am so thankful for your deep love for God.  It is reassuring for me to know that you have an anchor for the storms of life that will hold you steadfast and firm.  Keep walking hand in hand with him and this new year in your life and the years to come will be filled with joy and peace.

You are loved, dear daughter, always and forever.  Happy Birthday!

Love, Mom


  1. What a sweet story of the birth of your daughter. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kaytlin.

    GOD BLESS!!!

  2. Sweet picture! Just as I remember her! <3