Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wrap It Up

This past month I've been on a quest to incorporate more healthful foods into our family's diet.  I thought I would begin sharing some of the changes we've been making. 

My first priority has been to serve more vegetables.  I have tended to get stuck in the rut of serving green beans, corn, and every once in awhile peas.

Here is one of our family's favorite ways to eat more fresh vegetables.

We wrap them up.

First, we take a flour tortilla and spread it with a thin layer of low fat cream cheese.  I like to use the whole wheat or whole grain tortilla shells.  However, in these pictures you will see the white tortilla.

Second, we put a thin slice of deli meat on the tortilla.

Third, we add our favorite fresh vegy's.  These can include cucumber, bell pepper (any color), fresh spinach leaves, lettuce leaves, thinly sliced tomato, etc.

Fourth, we add some fun extras like black olives and dill pickle slices.  If you are watching fat or salt, these would be items to leave out.

Fifth, I like to add some honey mustard.  Some of the kids use the honey mustard salad dressing instead.  I like the plain honey mustard because there are only 15 calories in 1 tablespoon.  The dressing has 65 calories in 1 tablespoon.

Last of all, roll it up and enjoy. 

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