Wednesday, February 13, 2013

His Valentine (for wives)

I was out shopping yesterday looking for that perfect gift for Valentine's Day.  As I picked up a big box of Queen Anne Chocolate Covered Cherries I thought about how thankful I am that my husband is easy to please.  A little bit of sugar makes him a happy man.  Next I head over to the card aisle.  I always feel like I have to get a card.  I look through several and finally find one that meets my criteria.  I turn it over.  $5.00!!!!!  That's crazy.  I put it back.  No way can I pay five dollars for something that has no practical use and will just get thrown in the trash.  My husband would prefer another box of chocolates to an expensive card anyway.

I admit I'm not gifted at being romantic.  Sometimes my practical nature overrules spending money on sentiment.  However, I don't think it's my lack of romanticism that has caused me to reject many of the "expected" gestures of love.  I've been thinking a lot about the commercialism that has become a part of every special day and holiday.  I find myself sucked in, feeling like I have to meet some standard to be normal.  I feel like there is a competition out there to see who can do the "sweetest" thing for their special loved one.  All of the sudden Valentine's Day becomes about me and others, and it really has very little to do with the man I love.

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My husband chose me to be his wife.   I am what he wants.  Considering this, I'm thinking this Valentine's Day and in the days to come I'll offer my husband something a little different then what can be bought in a store.

For my husband of 20 years I give this Valentine's Day:
1.  My attention.  When he comes in the room I'll try to put aside what I'm doing and truly listen.
2.  My affection.  I'll give kisses like I really mean them.  Through the years it's easy to just begin giving out pecks on the lips and cheeks.  I'll slow down and take the time to kiss like we did the very first time.  I'll tell him "I love you", and give hugs more often.
3.  My service.  Those first couple years I would jump to get him a glass of water.  Now I think, "He knows where the sink is," and I don't bother to move.  I'll look for opportunities to serve him.
4.  My respect.  He is a man of integrity.  He works hard to support our family.   He is wise.  He loves God.  I find it easy to find little things to criticize--things that don't really matter.  I want to honor him as the head of our home that God has made him to be.
5.  My body.  (Enough said on that.)

None of these things can be bought in a store.  They are gifts that only I can offer my husband.  I am the one he chose as his wife.  I am his Valentine.

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