Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Words from Kayt

Our daughter, Kaytlin, has always been expressive with her words.  Thought I would share some of her classic quotes from early childhood.

After sleeping in the car one day and having drooled, "Mom, my cheek is leaking." age 4

The more kosher way she came up with to describe having gas.  "I have bottom bubbles."  age 4

About eating a food she wasn't sure of, "Eating lasagna is like eating slugs with sauce on them."  age 5

Kayt at age 4.

Kaytlin continues to delight us with her descriptive language.  Now she's 16, and practices her writing skills on her own blog.  I know she would love to have visitors.  Her blog is entitled We are Windows.  Sometime when you have a chance, you might drop over and visit her.  I know she would love to have you.

Our dreamy, Kayt.  Always imagining a new story.


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