Monday, November 12, 2012

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at The Purposeful Mom.

I was asked to share a guest post today at The Purposeful Mom.  Jenn is running a series of adoption stories this week.  Jenn previously shared her story From an Adopted Child on my blog.  She was adopted and gives adoptive parents valuable insight.

Meet Jenn from The Purposeful Mom

 From my post today:

"Our adoption story begins back when I was a little girl. In the Sunday paper each week there would be a picture of a little boy or girl who needed a home. One picture in particular I still remember of a little boy with a sweet smile and round cherubic face. He had on glasses with bottle cap lenses. It was obvious he had some special needs, but my young heart was tugged. I wanted him to have a home, and I remember begging my parents to take him. It was then God planted a desire in my heart to help children who needed a home." 

Continue reading A Desire, A Prayer, and A Dream at The Purposeful Mom.

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