Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Growing pains

Blogging is something I started because I love to write.  It is also my way of making sense out of life.  My husband likes to explain it to my children this way:  "All day long you pull crayons out of mom's box and throw them all over.  Mom needs time to pick them up, sort them out, and re-arrange them in her box."  In my blogging experience, I've been surprised at the number that were truly interested in following along my life's journey as I arrange and re-arrange my crayon box. :0)

In an effort to make my blog a better ministry and more usable for my readers, I decided to get some help.  One thing I'm not good at is computers.  So, I desperately needed help.  I follow Amy over at Raising Arrows and she made a post on Growing a Blog that was helpful.  Through her post I discovered Wise Woman Consulting.  After consultation, I've found there are many, many things I can do to make my blog better.  However, I am slow at this computer stuff and that gets frustrating.  With help from my son, Ryan, though, I am figuring it out little by little.

All that to say thank you for your patience as I've been re-working this blog.  I've been experiencing some growing pains, but I should be up and running on a more regular basis next week.  Here is the schedule of postings that I look forward to sending your way:

On Mondays - I will be sharing about adoption whether it be our experience or someone elses.
On Wednesdays - Practical living tips for families.
On Fridays - Resources that are helpful for those who adopt or for families.

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