Thursday, August 12, 2010

Reasons For Love

I ran across a little note in the dining room last week when I was cleaning. I had left it in a pile of papers after Mother's Day. It was written by my 11 year old son, Alex.

Reasons why I love my Mom
Reason #1 - she never puts me down
Reason #2 - she feeds me three times a day
Reason #3 - she shows me her love
Reason #4 - she takes me on vacations
Reason #5 - she cares for my comfort
Reason #6 - she cleans the house
Reason #7 - she disciplines me
Reason #8 - she works hard

As I looked over the list this morning, I realized all the little things I do really matter. Reason #7 made me laugh. In the midst of discipline, I've never had a child thank me, but I guess in the long run they really do believe me that I do it because I love them. I know Alex worked hard on this list, so I thought maybe I should make my own just for my children.

Reasons why I love my children
Reason #1 - You are God's gift to me
Reason #2 - God has a purpose for your life, and I enjoy watching his work unfold
Reason #3 - Each of you are a unique treasure waiting to be discovered
Reason #4 - You make me laugh
Reason #5 - I love your hugs and goodnight kisses
Reason #6 - It is a joy and blessing watching you grow and change
Reason #7 - You teach me to rely on Jesus for strength
Reason #8 - You are the result of the love Dad and I have for each other

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