Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our Dreamer

My dear boy, Alex,
I had no idea I was pregnant when I found out we were expecting you. I was having some other health issues and went to the Dr. to get some help. I remember talking to the Dr. for some time. He had left the room, but came back in and said, "Congratulations! You're pregnant." Wow, I didn't even have any idea how far along I was. The dr. did a sonogram so we would know. It was then that we discovered I had a large ovarian cyst that was causing my health issues. It was the size of an orange. The dr. explained that he couldn't operate on the cyst until I reached 14 weeks in the pregnancy. I was only at 7 weeks. There was a great chance that the cyst would burst and that I would miscarry. We could only pray that everything would turn out for the best.

I went back to the dr. four weeks later. I had been extremely sick. I was so nauseated. I couldn't eat much of anything. Grandma had even had to come and help me out for a week. The good news was you were still there and growing. The bad news was that the cyst was now the size of a grapefruit. They scheduled my next appointment for 13 weeks, so they could could get the operation done as soon as it was safe. How we prayed! Two weeks later I went to the doctor, and they could find no sign of the cyst. God had answered our prayers. No surgery was necessary.

Our elation was soon turned to devastation as a week later I began to bleed heavily. I cried and cried. I just knew we had lost you. The dr. did another sonogram, but you were still there and still growing. We never knew exactly what caused the bleeding. But God was keeping you safe.

Today's the day twelve years ago that I held you in my arms for the first time. What tears of joy! You were finally here safe and healthy. Your eyes were so alert as you looked up into my face. I wondered what God had in store for you. It seemed you were already thinking and dreaming of the future.

Now I look at the young man you are becoming, and I'm proud of you. You definitely are a dreamer. You dream of doing big things for God. You long for heaven. Your heart strives for perfection.

Keep dreaming my boy. God kept you for this earth for a reason. He has plans for you. And one day, you'll be in heaven and the perfection that seems out of your grasp will be yours. You will be made perfect through Christ.

Happy Birthday!

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  1. I am so thankful for God's protection over your treasured young man. He is a miracle! And no doubt, God has amazing things in store for him! I am in the midst of reading a book and the first few stories are of babies and children whom God spared from death {like your son} early on and how they went on to do humongous things. Watch and see!! God's got a gigantic plan - I just know it!