Friday, March 27, 2015

Planting Flowers

In the midst of a storm
plants are bent low
flattened to the ground.

Petals on flowers 
strewn in the puddles
their beauty washed away.

Rain like tears 
gathers in pools
sometimes rushes in torrents.

Text message:
"You are on my heart.  Praying for you all day as I am planting flowers and thinking of all your children."

Light breaks through the clouds
Peace enters my heart
Tears cease falling.

I am reminded...

Storms will end
Plants will lift their heads
New flowers will bloom.

The storm
the rain
prunes the weak.

The storm 
the rain
brings new strength.

The storm 
the rain
nourishes the roots.

The storm
the rain
enables fresh beauty to burst forth.

Patiently I planted
watered and tended
seeds God has given me.

Others are transplants
special gifts
in need of tender care.

Plants have grown
and I have loved
nurturing them with pride.

Now I must trust Him
their Creator
with their pruning and their care.

The storms that come
will only add
fresh beauty to their lives.

Trusting God today
to make a most glorious bouquet
as a result of the storm.

Thank you, Lord, for a simple text to remind me of your truth.  Thank you for the storms that bring new life.  Thank you for peace that passes all understanding even in the midst of the storm.  Amen.


  1. That is beautiful!!!! So so true--so like life. Love ya MJ

  2. Yes. Beautiful insights from our most loving Gardener.