Saturday, September 21, 2013


As our family has been going through this time of transition, I have many friends I need to thank.  Our family could not do this without your support.

The gift bag with diapers, pull-ups, a football shirt for Baby Boy, and Dora socks for Little Girl made us feel like you accepted our little ones as part of us.

The meal brought over helped get us through another busy day and gave me a moment to catch up on some much needed tasks.

The flowers and the card brightened my day.  It made me feel loved.  Sometimes my "love well" gets to feeling empty with so many I'm pouring my love into.  You refilled my "love well."

The day out shopping and enjoying your friendship and adult time revived my spirits.  It gave me renewed energy to go on.

The encouraging words in an e-mail assuring me that God had prepared me for this reassured me during a time of questions.  

The hug and excitement you showed when we found out the kids were going to be able to stay with us made my heart feel full to overflowing.  Every child that comes into a family should be celebrated, and it was good to celebrate with you.

The prayers for us have been overwhelming.  God has been good.  The whole family has been making the transition easily.  There have been a few rocky times, but God is faithful and it has all worked out quickly.  The prayers lift us up and encourage us.

The babysitting so Les and I can have a date is a gift I cannot repay.  You help us have time to keep our marriage strong.

The nursery workers at church helping Baby Boy through his panic when I have left  him gave this mommy a brief rest and time to recharge spiritually.

The car seats, booster seats, and strollers given to us were a blessing financially.   You helped demonstrate God's exceeding and abundant blessings.

The time my mom has taken each week to have Little Girl come and visit her for a couple hours has made the adjustment to teaching with little ones around easier for me.  Most importantly it has helped Little Girl with her sadness over missing her biological grandma.

However, most of all, I'm filled with thanks for the many, many people who have reached out and loved Baby Boy and Little Girl.  Your efforts touch my heart.  When you take time to talk to them, hold them, and play with them you are embracing them as part of our family.  We cannot thank you enough for that!

So tonight as I go to bed it is with a heart filled with thankfulness for each and every one who has been supportive of our family.  We thank God for you!  Thank you for the love!!!



  1. I love to hear how God is using you and giving you just what you need when you need it! I'm glad you're surrounded by people who are allowing God to use them, too! May God continue to bless you and your precious family!

  2. A very touching update. MAy GOD BLESS each and every ANGEl that has been a BLESSING to you and your family.