Friday, August 23, 2013

One month

It has been one month since Little Girl and Baby Boy came to be with us.  It doesn't seem possible.  So much has changed so quickly.  Parental rights were already terminated at the time of placement, but there was a birth connection that was a possible adoptive resource.  However, this family member did not turn in the required paperwork by the deadline, so our family is officially on track for adoption once again.

We are excited.  We have fallen in love with these two little bodies so quickly.  Attachment has not seemed to be much of an issue for them or us.

Baby Boy runs like mad everywhere he goes.  He usually has a big smile for everyone.  He loves to spin in circles and roll across the floor.  He is a picture of constant motion when he is awake.  Exuberance characterizes his every action.   He adapts easily and learns to follow directions quickly.  We've had a few temper tantrums, but they have not lasted long.

Baby Boy attached quickly to me.  He is experiencing some separation anxiety when I am not around.  That is only natural after the changes in his life over the past year.  I am working at helping him understand that when I leave, I will be back. 

Little Girl smiles more all the time.  She loves her story time.  Bible stories are quickly becoming a favorite.  She has found that daddy has a whole lot more enthusiasm when reading the stories then momma does.  I love to hear her giggle at her daddy's antics.  Her favorite pictures in her Bible story book are of Jesus.  She asks, "Is that my Jesus?"  She also wonders if Jesus is "real small" so that he can fit in our hearts.

Little Girl's favorite part of bedtime is when I whisper, "Guess what?"

She asks with a twinkle in her eyes, "You don't like me?"

I say, "No, I love you!" and I grab her and hug her tight.  Then she giggles and gives me a big hug.

Little Girl still has some sad times when she misses her grandma.  We pray when she feels sad.  We sing songs about Jesus' love,  and she often goes next door to visit my mom, her new grandma.  I am so thankful that my parents are right next door.  This grandma connection seems vital for Little Girl right now.

I will try to share more on how the rest of the family is doing with this new adjustment in our lives in the next post.  For now though, I want to express how grateful I am for all the prayers this past month.  It has only been by God's strength and power that this has been possible.   We feel your prayers lift us up and encourage us.  Thank you for being involved in God's story for Little Girl and Baby Boy! 



  1. That is such exciting news for your family. I'm glad they've been able to adjust well and that you are teaching them about the Lord. Their little minds will just soak that up :)

  2. PRAISE the LORD you all are going to be able to adopt them. Just reading about that child talking about JESUS is so precious. You all will be wonderful for them.