Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Moving for His Glory

So I haven't been blogging as much lately.  There is a reason.  I've resolved to make some lifestyle changes.  The primary change is to become more physically active.  My mostly sedentary lifestyle was catching up with me.

It would seem with so many children to care for, I wouldn't have developed this bad habit.  However, as they grew older, I found more time to sit.  I sat when I taught school.  When there are a few extra minutes in the day, I sat down and checked my e-mail or Facebook.  In the evening, I was tired, so I sat and blogged and played on my computer.  I relaxed by sitting and reading a book or watching a movie.  Honestly, I sat whenever I had a chance.

What happened?  I was out of shape.  My energy was lacking.  I didn't feel the best, and I had put on about ten extra pounds.  Fortunately, God blessed me with a fast metabolism, or I might have been in far worse shape.  However, I realized I was making light of God's blessing in my life, and I wasn't using my body in it's fullest potential to honor and serve him.

Now I'm trying to move--a lot.  I try to stand more when I'm teaching school.  When I have a few extra minutes, I'm not getting on the computer.  Instead I'm doing little jobs such as folding a pile of laundry that normally I would have put off.  I am walking when I have errands to run that are only six to eight blocks away.  (I can't believe I was wasting gas to go such short distances.)  Lastly, I am trying to work-out on a daily basis walking anywhere from two to five miles.

I have to be honest here.  I didn't share this with you earlier because I usually fail at these new resolves and end up quitting.  I have been working on this since January.  The difference this time is that I am doing it with my focus on God.  I remind myself that I'm doing it for Him.  I am taking care of His temple, so that I can better serve Him.  I also have an accountability partner.  We touch base about every day to see how the other one is doing.  We encourage each other when we struggle.

The result:   It's been slow, but I have lost six pounds.  I have more energy.  I am spending more time with my oldest daughter because she has been walking with me.  Most importantly, I've kept at it, and I haven't given up.  I'm learning perseverance. 

Kayt and I walking to the beach last summer on our vacation.

Yes, my posts have been more infrequent, but it was a necessary lifestyle change.  I plan to figure out a schedule for posting more regularly again, but right now I need to focus on maintaining a healthier lifestyle.  With God's help I'll find the proper balance.  In the meantime, if I'm not here it's because I'm "moving" for His Glory.

Looking forward to sharing more with you about how I've been changing my lifestyle habits.  God Bless!

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