Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Amber Girl

Dear Amber Girl,

Today's your birthday-- Eight years old.  You have grown so big over the past five years.

How well I remember the first day I saw you.  We pulled into the McDonald's parking lot where we were to meet a foster family to pick up you, Mikey, and Troy.  The van door slid open and there you were, blond hair hanging in your baby blue eyes.  You climbed out of your car seat and held your chubby little arms out to me for help down from the van.

You stole my heart that day.   You called me "momma" upon sight.  How you knew, I do not know. 

Just six weeks after you came to us, you asked me if I would pray to Jesus that you could stay here forever.  My heart hurt because I so desperately wanted to promise you that you would never leave, but we didn't know if that would be possible.  Holding your little hand I will always remember your bedtime prayer.  "Dear Jesus, pease can I stay her porever and ever.  Amen."  I went to my room and wept begging God to answer your prayer. 

Another day at naptime I was lying on the bed beside you reading books.  When we finished, you cupped my face in your hands and said so seriously, "Mommy, I went to Wal-Mart with Momma Sky and I would look and look for you and I could never find you."   I want you to know we looked for you too.  I prayed for my little girl for nine months before you came.  I knew God had a little girl that needed me.  I may not have carried you in my tummy, but we were expecting you.  During that time love grew in my heart for you.

 That first year I often called you my "Angel Girl," but you always corrected me and told me you were my "Amber Girl."   Well, my sweet Amber Girl I want to tell you "Happy Birthday."  I'm so thankful God answered your prayer so many years ago and you became our "forever child." 

Love you bunches,

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